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I am Conscious Leadership Coach, Personal and Organizational Transformation Advocate, Trainer, Facilitator and NSC Certified Consultant. A Provocateur, Adventurist, Global Citizen, Traveler and Himalayan Climber. I believe in irresistible power of choice, collaboration, self- awareness and living life congruent with our highest values.

Three years ago, I have started 50 Deeds of Love Non- Profit Organziation supporting education, healthcare and well – being projects in rural parts of Nepal. I also serve as a Board Member of the Basa Village Foundation and together we are making a small dent in the universe. INSTAGRAM @50deedsoflove


My Story

Seven years ago, I was 25lbs heavier and 25 times lazier. I had 25 new excuses each morning and 25 different reasons how not to no get what I truly wanted out of my life by being dishonest with myself only to justify my own betrayals. Dreaming and getting lost in fears, believes and opinions of others trapped in the box of many stories mostly not mine, I was struggling to make any permanent change in my life.


I signed up for a trip to Nepal – which turned up to be a life changing journey during which I climbed my very first summit of 20,000 feet. At the top of the summit, I had my epiphany. Enveloped in clouds slowly moving around me and below me, seeing the sun raising at my feet, in the silence of my existence I realized that the only limits that exist are self-imposed and what we get out of life is how much discomfort we are willing to handle to get through it.

We often want the reward not the struggle, we want the result not the process. We are in love with victory not the battle. I stepped OVER THE EDGE –by doing something absolutely radical and out of my comfort zone and broke the status quo of what I always knew.


The eighteen days trekking in Nepal changed my life forever -From ordinary existence with many internal struggles and many attempts to make permanent changes and witnessing them collapse each time to a full blown discovery of who I want to be and who I no longer want to be. Without knowing back then, I crossed the river of change ….. and never looked back.

Since then I set myself on the mission to assist people on their journey of transformation, to self – love , authenticity and acceptance.



Privately .....

Privately, I am a Himalayan trekker and climber, traveler and marathon runner. 

I have come a long way to understand and like myself, which turned out to be the very foundation of my personal changes. I love life and I challenge my limitations without limiting my challenges having had learned that we don’t get in life what we want, we get what we believe in, which I want to teach you too.



“A lasting transformation is only possible from deep within; repetitively ripping and stripping the layers of absurd and borrowed assumptions, limiting beliefs and debilitating fears”. Kasia Jamroz

Don’t Miss Out on Life Because of Fear

Success and failure don’t exist without each other. Failure is a teacher and AutoCorrects us on our path. Struggle clarifies the meaning of what we truly want. Both teach us to withhold and to withstand the uneasiness that comes with them yet only when we are truly dedicated to what we set to peruse.

I invite you like to think of life as of a voyage without destination yet with many possible directions. Becoming a traveler focused on the journey itself – passionately, intensely and fearlessly. Acknowledging the points of arrival as they come along with joy, pleasure and reflection…


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