The Art of Self- Love and how to create it?

The Art of Self – Love does not necessary look like a perfect Instagram account, with color – coded and nicely coordinated pictures. It is messy and organized, it is chaotic and orderly, black and white, full of colors and many “shades of gray”

It is unfolding sometimes in the less invited ways – however always with lessons, teachers and wisdoms.

Self – Love journey is not about perfection and it is about progress.

Progress that feels at time as we were going backwards. It is not also a popularity contest. It is not about being nice neither pleasing to others but rather about being authentic and real to create boundaries for self — care where being nice just happen to transpired ……

Self – Love is not about getting it all right.

Self – Love is not about getting it all right and rather about learning through the process of various experiences, each time becoming more aware of ourselves and what works for us. There is no ONE way to go about it. Sometimes conviction of the mind and heart is enough. Other times we have to destroy ourselves to find ourselves.

As you find yourself in the middle of the process of cultivating Self-Love, remember to stay gentle with yourself. Stray away from self – judgement. Acknowledge that you are just more sensitive having had dropped a few layers of skin. Breathe into your own discomforts. Practice self- awareness and do not react to what surrounds you as you are then becoming part of someone’s else experience. Keep Loving yourself, trusting you are here on your journey back home.

And When you find yourself challenged, feeling pushed to the corner remember:

  1. Acceptance does not equal Agreement, yet it allows different views to co-exist.
  2. You cannot possibly know and understand the unspoken and complex narrative that everyone has going on in their heads all the time, so nobody can understand yours.
  3. Accept everything that you do not know and you are not aware of.
  4. And that everything what you know is only your own perception which does not necessarily need to be collectively agreed upon.

Keep going. You are doing amazing here.

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