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An Art of Self – Love

If being in love is being in resonance with who you are then being in SELF-LOVE is nothing else but a being in deep resonance with yourself that comes from WITHIN – accepting yourself, loving and owning up your own deepest wants, needs and desires, your own flaws and imperfection, your our own majestic messiness.
Without self – absorption and self- obsession.
Without neediness of constant confirmations, proves and approvals. Without abandonment of own truths and vanishment in the abyss of absurd and nonsense of borrowed assumptions.

SELF-LOVE means unapologetically loving and accepting yourself- without anyone’s permission.
It means dropping the disillusion that someone’s love will makes us feel whole and complete. That it will take a pain away from sore and bleeding scars.
Sooner or later we need to meet ourselves and pay attention at our inner work.
Only then our relationships with others become freeing and liberating. Only then we move from needing people to wanting them.
Only then we become uninterested in people who supposed to complete us and search for those who complement us in the space on our own journey to Self-Love.


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