How to Unlock Self- Love?

Any relationship can be transformed as long as the journey begins with YOU. Therefore how to unlock self-love?  Believe in relatedness, kindness, and empathy for yourself and the others. Be interested in togetherness and connectedness – raw, unfiltered and uncensored. Trust solidarity and union of people coming together, brave enough to speak up the unspeakable …

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The Art of Self- Love and how to create it?

The Art of Self – Love does not necessary look like a perfect Instagram account, with color – coded and nicely coordinated pictures. It is messy and organized, it is chaotic and orderly, black and white, full of colors and many “shades of gray” It is unfolding sometimes in the less invited ways – however …

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The Story of Self- Love

Self-love the most often neglected aspect of our wellbeing. Frequently misinterpreted as selfishness or narcissism. Associated with egoism and inability to love others, evokes anger and generates rejection by those who seem to be lacking an understanding that self-love is the very foundation of healthy well balanced and a pathway to a fulfilled life. Without …

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