Coincided Happenstances

Life is being what it is – series of intertwined lives, sequenced, incidents, and coincided happenstances. Highlighting our existence joyously or painfully depending what we are meant to discover. Sometimes it feels like we are in control. Other times, it feels like we’re on a collision course heading for a crush. Not necessarily always knowing …

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Don’t Sell Memories.

Cherish them without the emotional attachment – it’s called wisdom. Don’t deprive yourself of experiences only because you have been hurt.  Do it again and anyway.  Keep engaging in various life experiences with greater level of awareness by slowing down your programs to the present moment …. Don’t go unconscious to numb your feelings.  Feel …

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Make an Effort to Know Who You Are.

My biggest lessons I wish I’d learned sooner: From Overcoming the pressure of Social Conditioning to letting go of the Fear of Exclusion. The universe designs sneaky experiments to test what we are willing to stand for. The secrets are being reveled, yet the art is to find the keys. 1. Accept where you have …

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