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Commitment Demands Consistency

ommitment is a persistence with a purpose. Devotion, dedication, loyalty, and emotional contribution to the declared choices. Yet, often times commitment is misunderstood for attachment and used interchangeably. The distinction is both huge and pricey.

Attachment limits possibilities and leads to imprisonment and dependence. Commitment thrives on discovery and freedom. Attachment latches onto the specific outcome leaving us worried and in self- doubt about the anticipated results. Commitment accentuates dedication to the vision and allows us to stay open to whatever arises. Commitment sparks the action in the light of the unexpected. Staying committed then becomes a goal in itself when confronted with temporary setbacks.

Commitment and attachment -both start with a declaration. Both set an intention to act boldly. However, commitment permits to choose who we are independently of the results whereas attachment to the results controls our being. Here is the choice which needs to be made. Commitment provides a chance to obtain the result we want through persistency based on the wisdom gained from the past. It is not as important to win each time as it is to stay consistently focused on the pursuit.

Success is a state of being rather than being defined by any accomplishment in terms of experiences we searched out to produce. It gives us freedom to choose what stays and what goes out of our lives. It gives us immunity to not being bothered by others judgements when we failed to fit into their dictionary of meanings.

It is most unlikely that the world will always give us the results exactly how we want it. Most likely the life will ask of us to live through the contrast of own desires and opinions of others. To choose commitment as it makes it possible to start over and over again, to wake up in the morning, to laugh at the confusion and to smile through the tears.


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