Why does it bother you how I live my life? Why are you disturbed by my choices? What does it get you to be right? What would it mean to you to be wrong?

Fear — is usually the answer to all the aforementioned questions. The greatest illusionist and thief as it fuels the projections and robs us from experiencing our very own reality. It’s easier perhaps to participate in someone’s movie than to create your own.

There is no ultimate beauty — only what we find pretty. There are no objective truths — only what we consider as facts. There are no ultimately universal experiences — only the ones that create meanings and interpretations for us. There is no right or wrong — only differences in beliefs and values. There are experiences purely intended by us and those available “by invitation” only. There is a choice in the way we face and process our happenstances — unrelatedly of the originating story. Each occurrence has its own reason and purpose attached. The meaning most likely is not to be revealed too soon.

There is one Race — Human Race. There is one Tribe — Love Tribe.

Therefore, I believe in relatedness, kindness, and empathy for others. Cliché judgments give me goosebumps. I do accept a temporary necessity of stepping out of integrity when in quest for meaning on the path to re-defining, reinventing, reemerging, and re-experiencing ourselves. It is tough to have or preserve integrity without first scrutinizing our own existence. Following blindly the masses is called conformity and not honesty to self. And only the contrast of our own experiences gives birth to our desires. Escaping “the box” permits to notice the confines of our own trap.

I support solidarity and union of people coming together, brave to speak about the unspeakable and what makes us humans — genuinely and purely — without hidden agendas masked as loyalty and/or friendships. No one can possibly know the reason for one’s choices. No one can possibly know what other’s life is all about. What one finds hurtful and unkind might have been the only option to someone else. Acceptance does not equal permission yet ignites tolerance and co-existence of multiple truths and realities at once. It is surprising how much progress can be made in one’s life once one starts minding their own business.

I listen for the “unspoken” while confronting bitter truths when others would rather prefer to avoid. We are not always given courage to dump betrayal of self over acceptance of others. We choose to satisfy others and disappoint self. We are more attached to our own interpretations rather than to what had been said. Communication happens in our listening and what we choose to accept without imposing demands on others.
I avoid strong dogmatic beliefs than hold us backward. I find classification based on status, race, faith, and beliefs system – revolting. Everything that brings separateness and division or imposes judgment has little or no value to me.

Consequently, I am reserved and selective. Sensitive, introspective and complex. I talk when I am the happiest and get quiet when trying to make sense of the world.

I am idealistic. I stay loyal to my values and people who make an effort to accept me for who I am. I am too curious, too quick and too independent. My visions and new ideas tend to overwhelm me.
I thrive on depth, authenticity, true connection and mutual growth. I express my value judgments in intensity that astonishes many. I see possibilities beyond what is present, obvious and known. My passion can be quiet though deeply rooted. I struggle with tasks of little value to me. I make choices that seem to exceed the tolerance levels of many. I have few filters when it comes to dealing with nonsense.

I am interested in togetherness and connectedness. Loving “what is” instead what it is supposed to be. Untangling from others’ dramas and right to mind their business — and to arrive at the place of simply existing and allowing others to do same. Dropping the avatars I have created along the way and waking up to feelings of completion and satisfaction, captivating conversation and the heart burning from desire.

This post has been originally published at Thrive Global


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