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Don’t Miss Out on Life Beacasie of Fear

Don’t miss out on life because of fear, anger, frustration and disappointment. A needed reminder how be with this powerful energies (either full moon or someone else) shaving at me all unfinished and unresolved debris. Teaching me humility while testing my perseverance and patience.
In those moments I long for mountains – where Life seems to be “easier. Their majesty intertwined with their power organizes everything for you and puts it in the right order. You don’t argue with them- you obey and as you surrender and let go, you get to witness their secrets. Mesmerizing and alluring and yet skillfully reminding you what matters and what truly don’t, providing unforgettable lessons and wisdom to see things for what they are/were without emotional charge.

Today I am practicing an appreciation of the discomfort to enjoy the comfort when is back. Feeling a gratitude for every and each positive thought that I can hold on to for more than 17 seconds. Finding guilt-free pleasure in dulce the leche ice cream:)

Cheating ourselves on processing any feelings and bottling up our own emotions never works in the long term. The fuse breaks sooner or later bringing blackout and chaos. What if, instead, we offer ourselves a gift of releasing, cleaning up and closing the loops. Making it into a habit. It seems much more costly to re-wire the whole house than to invest in regular soul care programs.

What are you sweeping out today?


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