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Effective Ways to Practice Self- Love

It feels more natural to crave the reward rather than the struggle.

To have results while skipping the process. Being in love with the victory and not the battle itself. To boost our self-esteem through justification when we fail to get what we want rather. To play our favorite blame game – blaming our childhood, our parents, even the political and religious systems only to stay away at looking at ourselves. And this is far away from practicing self-love effectively.

It takes the courage to grow and strength to pursuit

It takes a courage to be vulnerable and strength to show it

It take a courage to stand out and strength to fit in

It take a courage to live when you use to survive

It takes courage to trust and strength to keep hoping

It takes courage to lean on someone and strength to be on your own

You can only take one step at a time.

Creating an alignment in life is an ongoing process and not a onetime fix. You can only take one step at a time. That very step will point you in the direction of the next one. Let courage and the sense of adventure, enthusiasm and satisfaction fuel your next move.

Practice Self-Love means to allow yourself to feel vulnerable, abandoned, or stuck — it is all part of the process and trust that inspiration will find you unexpectedly — so remain open. Most importantly believe in yourself, and the beauty of your being and Stop behaving self-destructively — when you do. Failure and struggle clarify the meaning of what you truly want, because each letdown takes you deeper to the core of your own humanness. Distinguish between a mere fantasy and a true desire by Getting really honest with yourself when you find yourself trapped in wanting something month after month or year after year without any tangible results. Clarity is the Key.


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