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How to Flex our mindset to Avoid chaos and fear?

So, we have arrived at times where we must challenge our thinking and step out of the boxes, we have trapped ourselves in. To find a way around in the new reality to avoid chaos and fear. To loosen up our fixed mindset which is far more confining than any restrictions imposed on us.


In Life, everything is about perspective, and it is truly on us what context we will choose to use to interpret and process information that is presented to us.

I am sharing with you, how to find and stay balanced in life to avoid chaos and fear, by understanding a few things about how to process the information we are all surrounded by.

It is useful to know the facts.

Far more important though is to understand them. Information without understanding creates a real danger as it becomes a weapon of manipulation. Facts become clear when we understand them. Our choices become then much more obvious and this helps to avoid chaos and fear.

You cannot control what is happening around you

Yet, you have a  choice of what you want to believe in.

The main job of your brain is to protect you from danger. 

That’s the way human species are still around. So just keep in mind, your brain cares about your survival.

Fear is a basic survival emotion.

 It is triggered in the event of a real or perceived threat.

The brain does not know the difference between an actual threat and just a thought about it.

That’s how complex and powerful our brain is. It can be deceitful in order to make us believe in all we hear and see as if it were all true. To the degree that the thought alone will trigger a biological reaction that activates the exact same part of the brain responsible for fight or flight response – as if we were faced with an actual life-threatening situation.

Stress interrupts typical brain functions, deregulating how you absorb the information enhancing your emotions, reactiveness, and impacting responsiveness.

Long term impact of elevated stress is much more harmful to your body due to the stress hormone which downregulates your immune system.

People will have opinions and many of them yet only because they do, it does not mean they are worth giving attention too.

Therefore, Your CHOICES – NOT YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES determine your next steps, and in the long term, your future.

I invite you to answer some questions for yourself; What are you focusing on right now? Where are you putting your attention on? What do you notice? Is it the worst-case scenario or advantage point of the current situation.? How do they make you feel? Do they make you more fearful and defeated or do they encourage and uplift you? What is the meaning you are assigning to all of that?

Meaning you create is the precursor of you taking an action or staying inaction. In other words, the meaning along with the feelings controls what you will do!

This is the moment of choice where you need to decide what you are going to give your attention to. What does it mean to you and what are you going to do about it? What are you going to to to avoid chaos and fear?

Because after all,

Somebody will control your mind if you don’t.

You will continue making assumptions that might be far away from the truth If you don’t understand the information that is being given to you.

If you chose to believe in everybody and in everything instead of thinking for yourself, you will allow others to delude you at your own wish.

Don’t forget, despite the fear or anxiety you might be experiencing, you are in charge of what to focus on how to feel. So you can either feel blessed or cursed, wealthy or poor, frustrated or excited.

It is really all up to you to discipline your fears, control your attention otherwise others will do it for you!

Always with Love

If you are not sure what to focus on or where to put your attention? What the current situation means to you and how do you really feel about it? Or you just want to talk it all out?

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