How to Get Unstuck from dreadful emotions?

How often do you feel upset, frustrated and angry? And then you feel stuck by having dreadful emotions?

Are you curious about your emotional reactions in response to circumstances or people around you?

Have you ever had a closer look at your emotions to notice what are they are trying to tell you?

If you are having intense emotions, you feel overwhelmed by them and you are not sure how to change those dreadful feelings?

You are not alone and a lot of my clients are challenged by having strong feelings that seem to be coming from nowhere.

I want to share with you what I have found to be very useful while working with emotions and tracking the root cause of them.

You can use this technique for seven days or as long as you need to become aware of the pattern behind your feelings. All you need is a small notebook and a pen to start recording the following each day:

  • Record everything that happens in a day. Everything you did and you did not do. Interactions you had with others and circumstances that have raised from them.
  • Write how it all made you feel by naming the emotions that have shown up.
  • Notice your own beliefs you have in relation to the situation. Make a note o them too.
  • Practice it consequently every day for 7 days.
  • At the end of the 7 day period, reflect on what you have been documenting and notice emerging patterns.

It is difficult to work on something if we don’t know the target. It is easy to get overwhelmed by emotions if we don’t know what they mean, and where they are coming from. The lees we acknowledge our emotions the more intense they get. The more we want to hide them, the more they want to come out.

By learning to understand your emotions you have a choice to REACT or NOT. And I have learned that no reaction is the most powerful response.

Stillness and calmness have much more to say than any word will ever do.

Therefore take a deep breath in and quiet the chatter of your mind. and become aware of the story you have just started to create. Pause.
Feel the ground you stand on and smile as You just withstood the storm.

If you still feel stuck – I am here to help.  Book your free coaching session here


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