How Do You Know If You Practice Self-Love?

The connection between Self- Love and Life Satisfaction

MOST of us don’t realize the connection between self-love and our ability to HANDLE life’s difficulties, get stuff DONE, connect with others, and powerfully move forward every day.

Most of us wrongly think that self – love is a selfish egocentric stance in life, self- obsession; self- indulgence; arrogance and/or ignorance.

When in fact, self-love is a self- promise:
to honor and to accept ourselves fully,
to take responsibility for who we are at any given moment despite the circumstances influencing us;
to choose ourselves even when it means to upset others;
to nurture our body, mind and soul; to own our inner and outer beauty;
to know where and how we invest and/or drain our emotional energy;
to practice integrity to stay authentic and real.
And these just are the basics.

So here is a question for you.

How do you know if you practice self – love?

You know when:

You can stay PRESENT and FOCUSED when others are triggered, fearful and distracted;
You KNOW yourself, and you stay aligned with WHO YOU ARE when everyone is pushing you to be someone who they want you to be;
Your RELATIONSHIPS are vibrant, respectful, and deeply satisfying;
You DON’T react over little things.
You appreciate your body;
You practice Self- Compassion;
You set healthy BOUNDARIES;
You know how to BALANCE yourself when you are sad, frustrated, or feel like giving up.
In other words, your self- love is so deep, so accessible, so real and available at any moment that no matter who crosses your path, you stay in alignment with WHO YOU ARE.


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