“We can all die in just one minute but we can all live a million amazing moments filled with passion, filled with pain, filled with love, filled with angst and anger, anything we want “…. @jonathangravenor
And today more than any other day, when I feel more fragile and vulnerable,
and would like to hide and withdraw, I chose to live to love and love to live, despite the feeling of being too small to contain and hold the space for all the blessing that have come my way.
I find ironic to be frightened by the realization of living the life I ever dreamt of, which only two years ago was only in the realm of my mere wishful thinking.
I feel intimidated by the Universe’s generosity.
I feel deeply touched by guidance received to find my path, to contribute and to witness.
In my humaneness, I feel a huge responsibility yet not as a burden and rather as a space for all that is being offered to carry it forward, without losing the gifts.
Today, I feel challenged and stretched, to see through the veils of my own illusions, to touch and to hold untouchable and to believe in this precious moment.
And to fully own best things that came from not necessary the exchange of the spoken words but from the exchange of holding the space for them…(thank you @jonathangravenor for those beautiful words)
The gratitude is enormous so does the fear …


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