In the Matrix – The Barranco WALL
Totally vertical when you stand at the bottom. The wall plays hide and seek with you as it makes its reappearances through the fog and clouds. Flirting while adding the mystery tangled with sensationalism of unexplainability. If you start paying closer attention and sharpen your focus enough you will notice a mirage-like, looming in the distance a little path, carved out of the boulders and paved away by many steps. Before you know it, You begin to walk on something you could not possibly imagined yourself do so.
Our beliefs are the most powerful weapons able to prevent and destroy most of our experiences. The more dissonance exists between what we believe in and what experiences we are presented with, the more internal commanding goes towards eliminating the source of our discomfort and fighting self-created contradictions, dragging yourself back to the safety of the known. The invisible WALL (like the Barranco Wall) standing in the way of seeing THE WAY –  Of Not having ANY expectations especially those of the particular outcome. And finding a delight in walking the path, and acknowledging each step as the new coordinates on the GPS of LIFE. Ever so trusting in timely delivery of anything you need when you are ready to receive it. Not before nor after. In the precision of the synchronicity and wisdom of the journey.
Standing at the top, enveloped by the fog, getting ready to be ready for the next unknow step.


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