In the Maze of Life

Life is a maze. 

A riddle. 

A multitude of perspectives, parallel and/ or overlapping mini verses, planets and meteors crossing paths with very own frequencies, energies and needs. Running its due courses.

Colliding or missing each other in the blink of an eye.

It seems though as we always stand in the middle of yet another maze, seeking answers to the riddles on the path to the nearest exit or re-entry points.

Emotional illusions tend to take us on the walks in circles, camouflaging familiarity for safety and comfort, so we end up wondering off to places we should have never gotten to. 

Some exits truly are behind us. 

Some entries only can take us to dead ends regardless of the number of attempts to conquer them. 

There is s difference between giving up and having enough – Commitment to the pursuit versus escape from the traps of the mind’s illusions in the maze tunnels of our thinking.

Sometimes stillness is deeply moving.

Sometimes you will find yourself in a total silence of your loudest moment.

Sometimes you are furthest away. when you are the closest.

Sometimes the only way is a sharp- turned one.

Sometimes the only way is the one profoundly laid at your feet not by the poetry of your words.27


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