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“All journeys have secret destinations of which traveler is unaware” Martin Buber.

Each journey alters you. And as you change your story changes.

The new state of your being determines what you understand and perceive. What you do choose to see. I am ready for those discoveries.

After ten days, I am back a bit lighter, tiny bit tired and extremely satisfied – getting up to the top of 6088m/19974f Of Huayna Potosi.

Reflections are not fully formulated yet they bounce around and demand a voice. Soreness off my legs reminds of each step and faith in the unknown shrouded in the darkness of the night.

For now, I am allowing (which comes quite easily today) to envelop myself in the peaceful feeling of arriving home; without a nagging urgency to oblige to “musts” and “have to’s” of the life left behind for a moment, and the subtle notion of gratitude and satisfaction. It all feels delicious.




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