My Universe is moving quite fast these days.

Desert storm – as new things are emerging they seem to demand immediate attention. Never ending complains of the material plane seems circle around yet they are bouncing back against my newly acquired indifference to concept of urgency. I tend to always react as if my reaction was the solution. The fastest I was responding, the more rapidly things were moving, gaining the momentum being fueled by my frustration and panic. I notice though that not reacting or overreacting does not erase the intend, importance neither the execution.

Being present to the right thing at the right time holds the key to PEACE.
As the Desires are forming and taking shapes, people are manifesting and materializing, while other things are still stewing in the back burner of the “processing room” – I simply notice them. I welcome them and invite them to take a seat. As they will be served in order they have appeared.

I am learning to enjoy the bubbling sensation under my skin, where once overwhelm lived. And although “the knee jerk reaction” of my mind and body is still trying to take me for a spin to feel the drama, I choose to breathe and to stay present. And appreciate this feeling as it is after all born out of my desires.

So I chose to dance and to play with instead of pacifying it and beating it up to submission. The less I push to control it, the more all seems to cooperate.
It’s actually beautiful to feel the sizzle of your own creations coming to being in its own divine timing.

Of course only if you choose to enjoy it.
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