The world is definitely not flat:) 6h to the top.
It is neither black and white.
It comes in many shades.
It shows up in different shapes and manifests itself in surprising and unexpected ways.
Beauty truly exists in the detail and each and every moment and of course only if you are willing to look in the uncommon and unfamiliar places. When you catch yourself finding feelings of appreciation and gratitude in the most absurd situations; you know you got it. (almost perfectly dry tent, thousands of ziplocks protecting your last piece of clean and dry gear, your favorite gummy bear you did not know you packed, and oh well totally portable toilet because your newly made friends could not live without it:),joy and laughter brought by companionship of random strangers with whom you got to share a fraction of your path.
Finding joy and appreciation is effortless if you tune in and recalibrate yourself. It is truly a choice and the choice lies in the devil. And the devil lies in the details.

I Am Back! Let’s back track for a moment (last tree weeks to be accurate:) Stay tuned for throwback back memories in upcoming posts


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