“Life must be lived forward and it’s only understood backwards.”

I would say repeatedly at various moments, twist and turns of my life, nonetheless with not as strong conviction as I have today that “There are no coincidences in Life. Everything happens for a reason or there is a reason why things are happening.”

A couple years ago, I came across a difference perspective on coincidence. I read: “In mathematics, two angles that are said to coincide fit together perfectly.” And it was mind blowing.

I am inviting you to reflect for a moment and to think of all the people that showed up in your life when you needed them the most. That everything in your life, unfolded exactly the way it was supposed to and every single event was precisely crafted and delivered to you in exact sequence, timing and divine order.

Today I know that all that happened in my life led me to this very moment. All my choices and all my decisions. The errors and the mistakes. The disappointments and the triumphs. The regrets and the satisfactions. The accomplishments and the frustrations. All my tears and smiles, the sunny and the rainy days. And with all those experiences, my past seems to be worth it. And if I had done one thing differently, I may have never arrived to this point of time in which I discovered myself, found a passion and purpose in life.

Then, please, please believe in “as many as six impossible things just before breakfast” as Alice in the Wonderland would say. And whatever comes to your life – let it come. Whatever stays in your life – let it stay and whatever goes – let it go. And Remember Life is One Big Coincidence that only can be understood backwards!



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