50 Deeds of Love

Transforming Lives, Confronting Poverty, Educating Youth, Supporting Health & Well-Being

It all has started a couple of years back with having had a personal transformational awakening at the top of Himalayan summit in Nepal. Touch of that moment and the warmth of the Nepalese people could not be matched and so did my bond to that place that cannot be broken. Having discovered freedom of being true to myself and my purpose in life and how I would like to be of service to others I have set myself on the mission to enable people to discover what might stop them in creating the life they meant to live.

2016 – “The Year of Forty” was dedicated to celebrating life, health, vitality, friendship and family by giving back to the less fortunate and to acknowledge the special place where my reinvented life journey had commenced – Nepal. That one year I ran three half -marathons: Miami, Boulder, Chicago, one full marathon: San Francisco; and climbed Pacharmo Peak – 6,273m (20,581 ft) in Nepal and I raised over $6000.00.

Since I have started “The Year of Forty” initiative – more than a year has passed. I believe I have smartened up just a bit (I guess the “number” obliges – at least seemingly so) and although I have stayed less active physically allowing my body to fully recovered from the latest knee surgery- my mind has not been dormant. Today, with the rejuvenated soul and body, I am back stronger than ever and ready to conquer the “Decade of Forty” with the 50 Deeds of Love” campaign. I feel grateful and satisfied with the presence of my strong “why” which continues to prove to be a profound motivator and accelerator when it appears I am running in the “reserve mode” without an option to refuel or hitting a cul-de-sac.

The 50 Deeds of Love” campaign is meant to continue to support projects that break the cycles of poverty, fund education and deliver access to healthcare in rural parts of Nepal. This year goal is to fund training of two nurses (the cost of the projects is estimated at US $20,000).

My commitment: Over the next 10 years I am going to participate in at least 50 big/crazy climbs and/or races/challenge events over the world to raise money to pay my deeds back.

There is no action that is too small to make a difference.

To continue to collaborate with the Basa Village Foundation (https://www.bvfusa.org/) to raise funds to assist our Basa Village partners and to jointly create sustainable solutions for their communities. This involves training new teachers, nurses, and developing new skills to assure longevity and self-sustainability without damaging the culture or creating dependency. Every change that is currently taking place in Basa is guided by the village leaders and fully executed by the villagers themselves. All projects are designed to influence and positively impact every inhabitant regardless of their social or economic status.

Thank You to All of You who believe in me, cheer for me, and follow my journey. Thank you for your monetary contribution last year.  I hope to see you this year, as I hit the road in just few weeks to climb the summit in Bolivia, followed by the Toronto Half- Marathon, New York Marathon and climbing the Mount Kilimanjaro in December. To kick off this year’s “Love in Motion” campaign JAMROZ INVESTMENTS II L.L.C is donating $5,000 towards the project. Thank you for consideration to support this great cause and along with me helping to make a difference in the modest yet dignified life of the Nepalese people.

My Mountain Makes Me who I Am As I Run My Path To The Top

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