When you separate “what happened” from “the story and meaning” you created for the event that took place- you free yourself. When you learn to love what is – instead what supposed to be – the hardest challenge to take on – life will become free of this dreading highly emotional charge – it will eventually. Once untangled from others drama and own entitlement to mind others business, uninterested in arguing with the universe about what should have been – you will arrive at the place where you allow others and yourself just to exit. You will test your strong will each time over and over again – until you drop the need to point out the difference between yourself and others and stop assuming what others life is all about. You have no right to know. Make an inventory of your own front yard before you attempt to dig in others back yards.

Why does it bother you how I live my life? Why are you disturbed by my choices? What does it give you to be right ? What would it mean to you to be wrong ?
Fear- might be the answer. The greatest illusionist and thief as it fuels the projections and robs us from experiencing our own reality. Its easier perhaps to participate in someone’s movie than your own.


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