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Many Fears Many Masters.

One of the most prevailing fears seem to be the fear of being seen which disables us to show up authentically, especially when we cannot predict nor control the outcome. Putting ourselves in the spotlight can bread failure, betrayal, disappointment or heartbreak – all at once when we drop the layers of pretense. Risk of rejection exists yet freedom of simply being ourselves is astonishing. It not only liberates the space around us but also gives others permission to unfold to their own true self.
Then, what if instead fearing the fear we could became grateful for it. Courageously stop trying to fit in and strive for acceptance and rather just become aware of that what we truly care about and love. To inspire connection, belonging and trust.
Being vulnerable pays off and melts my heart each time ….”Thank you for your openness, exposing your vulnerabilities and yet still being a masterful, compassionate, helpful and inspiring leader at the same time”


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