Measurement of Truth: Effectiveness

Effectiveness is a measurement of truth.

We can learn from own mistakes only when we know we have made them. Instead of continually hitting the wall and being surprised we have a headache, we should not mistake our stubbornness and inability to learn for being strong and unbreakable.

In our human race, filled with competition, broken dreams and victory of “ego”, we become our triumphs, our satisfactions and our accomplishments. We are defined by our possessions, achievements and reputation. We separate ourselves from the ‘others’. We are more concerned about how are we doing than what are we doing. Promise of moving up in the “get-ahead” culture and the need for gratifying approval shapes and determines our behavior, creates anxiety and leaves us detached from creating long-lasting, meaningful outcomes.

I am what I have – therefore my possessions define me.
I am what I do – therefore achievements define me.
I am what others think of me – therefore my reputation defines me.

These self-imposed limits impact our ability to create possibilities and turning them into possibilities. The Mind – the mighty ‘judger and chooser’ – dictates the things in life worth doing and things that pay off. Not everything that pays off is worth doing and not everything worth doing necessarily pays off. Furthermore, commitment and dedication, desire and willpower are born in our hearts. Only empowered purposeful action will shift how you show up in your commitments as a promise to generate a possibility of an accomplishment.

Therefore, the accomplishment fulfills on a possibility of commitment to our deepest desires.


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