My Transformation: On the road to transformation ‘The prelude’

First stop – Dubai. A long awaited visit to this city.  It was supposed to be my wedding anniversary trip that never happened due to ‘life’ and its ever changing directions and circumstances.

I am impressed with the human ability to create. To create form nothing when inspired or greedy. As remarkable as constructing a city in the desert is, I found Dubai an exotic ghost place without a soul. An extraordinary masterpiece of all that had already been invented. Splendor at its highest. Faces covered behind the burkas holding the secret of life and rules of the rigorous ruling system.

Three days later, I leave the manicured and perfume scented desert land behind. My mind is working overtime continually overthinking and building expectations. Debating with myself as I fall back on to my prior experiences in Ecuador, filled with some bitter-sweet recollections. Who are those people with whom I am going to share next 3 weeks? I only briefly scanned their bios with barely a passing interest mostly because I want to experience them first hand and without prejudice. Then meet them again through their stories. The adrenaline is sky high – three weeks on the trek, a tent to share, one obligation, and one promise not to do anything stupid and keep my mouth shut…


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