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Never Underestimate the Impact You Have on People

Never underestimate the impact you have on people.
It has been only two weeks at the volunteer house at the African Impact and many weeks too short. I feel so undone…..sentimental already and hungry for more. The power of the impact we can have on people and their ability to succeed never should be put into question.
The Power of encouraging words- even if outspoken in foreign language – are truly heart – felt and create miracles.
Attention-giving, acknowledging and noticing the slightest accomplishments makes human being thrive in any environment. Connection and relating. SMILING. Making others to feel worthy of receiving so they can grant that permission to themselves and extend to others. List is endless of making miracles each step of our journey. Being in Tanzania only reassured my believes that there is truly no action too small to make a difference.

I made many amazing things happen with support of many kinder spirits. WE made a true difference.
Universe was and IS on my side as I only embark on this part of the journey and make 50 DEEDS of LOVE non- profit organization next year! And this is just a Prologue.
So although it feels like I barley scratched the surface I also have this fuzzy feeling of igniting change that will carry on and reassure faith and goodness in the world.
Hope to see you walking this path with me!


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