Becoming more and more comfortable with NEW VERSION of ME by accepting unconditionally who I USED to BE. A friend asked me just yesterday “Don’t you look at yourself and ask “ WHO ARE YOU?” I Do.

But more often, I ask this question about my OLD SELF, as I hardly recognize the person I was. I look at her with awe and disbelief.
The NEW ME, once a year will have an emotional meltdown. Will cry out and say “I wish I did not know this! I wish I stuck with the blue pill and predefined LIFE organized by conformity of rules and beliefs.”
This precious conversation made me realized – that the OLD ME – was much more likable, tolerable or and easier to dislike because most could relate to me by finding their own reflections in me/collective blind way of being.
The NEW ME – to the most – remains a stranger, an invader of peace of mind and a boat rocker.

As humans, we tend to judge what we don’t know. By default, we dislike and criticize anything that is new and unfamiliar. And we don’t stop just right there. We alienate and outcast so the “IT” doesn’t infect our carefully guarded reality instead of simply just saying “Hi, Nice to meet you. You seem to be new here. Tell me more about who you are.”

My INVITATION remains open should you chose to ask me who I am. Will be glad to share myself with YOU!❤️❤️❤️


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