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“There is no grater treasure in this world than knowing you are made from the things you believe in.”

Thanks to All of You who believed in me, cheered for me, and followed my journey from Miami through Boulder, San Francisco, Chicago, and my treasured Nepal. Thank you for your monetary contribution which allowed me to exceed my fundraising goal by $1,500. Please know you helped make a difference in the lives of some of the poorest people on the planet whose homes got ravaged by the 2015 earthquake. Your money will not only support the ongoing needs but also fund further projects. Thank you.



“The Year of Forty” has been a year of testing myself, my beliefs and my truths. Challenging myself and battling through – not always favorable –  circumstances. Learning multiple times that we truly cannot make two steps at once, and only one at a time and only at the right time. Meanings got reevaluated while new insights allowed reprioritizing. Appreciation of peace came with clarity of staying true to myself while being tested. The relief after dropping the need of trying to figure out who is with me, who’s against me or in the middle still undecided. Opinions are a dime a dozen, the only validation we need is for “parking” and loyalty seems to be a lifestyle not a stand.

I feel grateful, wrapped in a cozy feeling of satisfaction having pushed myself beyond my own limits again. Not losing track of my “why” which proved to be the strongest motivator and accelerator when things appeared to be going against me, running on the “reserve mode” without an option to refuel.

It feels comforting to reaffirm true desires and passions over possibility of them being just temporary whims. Both encouraging and assuring.

There is a reason the rear mirror is small and the windshield so big. Where we are heading is far more fascinating and important than what we are leaving behind. Stay tuned for “My Journey through the Forties” news and updates. Next stop – the Ocean to Ocean ultra-marathon in South Africa to fund the medical needs in the Basa Village. 



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