Nourishing Your Inner Child

Invite your inner child back to life. Break the chains of dogmas and rigidness of socially imposed and expected behaviors.

Get Curious – the trouble is we feel the urge to know and to understand. “To realize you did not know or understand – it a virtue. Not to realize you didn’t not know or understand it is a defect.” Sometimes, we just have to let go. So get down into a sandbox and play – see with a child’s eyes – explore, discover, get dirty, fail and get up. Listen without prejudice and already always knowing to truly see someone’s point of view. Knock down the walls and take advantage of what the world has to offer when amplified by an inner child’s inquisitiveness.

Allow Natural Trust and Innocence – we lose this innate ability as we grow older and face the experiences that teach us otherwise. Instead – stretch your boundaries and give people a chance. Change your transparency filters. Many things did not matter when we were young so why should they now? Fall in love again with simplicity. Be welcoming and tolerant when you first meet people. You will be surprised how much you might have in common with them.

Go Play – as you go through your breakdowns and breakthroughs on the court of life. Worrying about others’ opinion and what they think will not prevent – neither stop – anything from happening. Do children ever make decisions? Or do you think they want what they want, simply because they want it? Do what you want and don’t hold back. Play. Sing. Dance. Chose self-expression as an extension of who you are rather than over-caution and political correctness. Neither guarantee receiving acceptance anyway.

Be Mindful – take in the moment as it comes and be grateful when it’s gone. Don’t worry about the past or the future – they both don’t exist – past happened already and future has not arrived yet. By putting too much emphasis on these two realms, we basically forget how to live in the ‘now’. And the things and the extent to which we fear them seldom come into being.

Be Willing – to open yourself up to endless opportunities and benefits of curiosity-driven creativity. “Step out of the maze that offers many options yet only one possibility”.

kasia jamroz
Kasia at the age of 2

Although we prefer the comfort of certainty over disorder of ambiguity, we tend to be and feel more alive when spontaneous and unpredictable. When we switch from being transactional to being “relational” with ourselves. Meet your inner child today even if only for a moment and do at least one unreasonable thing – jump in a puddle or simply say “hi” to a stranger. See how redemptive those experiences are.


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