On the road to transformation – Magic Encountered

The magic began to happen soon. Unknown energy had surrounded me, peeling off and melting down the invisible layers, exposing me with each step resembling a walk in a see-through garment. The surroundings, the effort put into each step, the adventure, the challenge, the conversations, the people and the stories were all brought into being.

Immersed in all sorts of experiences, known and unknown, I was smoothly and quite naturally drifting away from what I had left behind. Feeling the relief and joy of not being part of the misery I had escaped, happy to be so far away that it would not find me and would not drag me down. Shame and guilt not appeared even once. I could breathe in my own rhythm.


Each new footstep created ripples and waves which were penetrating deeper and deeper in to my existence, opening the doors to forbidden grounds. Unfamiliar feelings began to show up and – to my surprise – fears were gently reversing back and anxieties were quieting down. The need for expressing myself became prevalent as if I tried to cleanse myself form dirt. Questions were bursting up; and somehow – I had the answers.

A familiar thought started to dominate my mind – “there are no coincidences in life, there is a reason for things to happen and things are happening for a reason…”


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