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Pause and Celebrate

Today I Pause and I CELEBRATE the moment; to fully appreciate life with its bitter sweetness tastes and flavors. I Dive into and indulge in the feeling of satisfaction. Then I Swim in the pleasurable sensation of self-realization, change, transformation and ultimate gratitude for the opportunities to experience it all. Fully reconciling each of them, noticing how they differentiate from the thousands of others. I am aware of many taken steps, detours, hard climbs and painful falls. Smiles and laughters. Tears and cries. And of that present feeling of being guarded and watched over which I am becoming more and more conscious about. Sensing the wisdom enveloping me – which I have not fully gotten yet at times. Rebirthing only to burn to ashes next time. I used to fear myself – today I love spending more time with someone who I am getting to know better each time- ME. So I CELEBRATE today greedily because when you do, you stop time for a moment. As you slow down so does everything else around you.


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