Personality is an Expression of a Human Nature

This powerful video captures the gap between the “YOU” that you see and the “YOU” that is seen by others.

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Our view of ourselves and our behaviors (Identity) is not always aligned with how we are perceived or received by others (Reputation). It is especially true at a time of stress when we let our emotions get the “best of us”, or when we overplay our natural strengths. Understanding this nuance of our personality, can help us uncover our blind spots, tap hidden potential, and prevent strengths from turning into areas of weakness. “Reputation is immensely consequential- it is the basis on which people marry you, hire you, promote you, loan you money, confine in you, or reject you.” form The Biological foundations of Organizational Behavior by Stephen M. Colarelli, Richard D. Arvey.

Gained awareness of implication of our Reputation, can fundamentally and profoundly influence our relationships, impact our career outcomes, harness areas of strength and identify areas of opportunity as they relate to human capital.


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