Power of Reframing the Context

When we understand what occurs once we have a choice vs. having things thrust upon us, we enable ourselves to “see” instead of “looking” at a new world emerging from collapsed existences.

Reality is not what “it is” rather than what we “think it is”. Reality is an illusion. For the reason that what we believe determines what is real and what is not. Things are not necessarily what they seem to be – consequently the way we describe them varies according to the use we want to make of them. In this sense, we can understand that “In the beginning was the word […]and all things were made through it and without it nothing was made that was made.” In order to get things we want, we need to start naming them.

Interpretation of a spoken word creates a meaning which influences our thoughts and in turn dictates our actions. Perception is conditioned by those very thoughts and projections we make. We confront of our doctrines always within a pre-existing framework in which we view the world. It’s hard to escape “the box” and to see from a different standpoint, and not only in terms of “self” but the world at large. We accept so many illusions as reality. “Illusions are like junk food- not healthy but immensely seductive.” By knowing and understanding we think we can fill up the gap between uncertainty and predictability, forgetting that – sometimes – we just purely need to step back and let go in order to transform the context.


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