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Sezing The Moment

A week-long Neuro Change Solutions Consultant training in Denver based on Dr. Joe Dispenza ground- breaking work just came to an end. And what a treat to spend a whole day with Dr. Joe in a classroom.

Life happens in the moment

– catch it – hold it- before it becomes a memory. It is your choice how you decide to use it.

Make it to fuel you and to inspire you. Be present to notice an immediate feedback you are receiving from your body in a form of an emotion. Don’t ignore it. Recognize it. Understand its meaning- as it will point your next step. Use every experience as a teaching. Respect your teachers. And then hang on to what illuminates who you are being- as “each moment contains a reflection of you. Memories without the emotional charges are called WISDOM.” ~Dr. Joe Dispenza
Make them to be the lights on your personal runway to take you off to the next step of your journey.


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