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The Story of Self- Love

Self-love the most often neglected aspect of our wellbeing. Frequently misinterpreted as selfishness or narcissism. Associated with egoism and inability to love others, evokes anger and generates rejection by those who seem to be lacking an understanding that self-love is the very foundation of healthy well balanced and a pathway to a fulfilled life.

Without knowing who we are first, respecting our needs and creating healthy boundaries that keep our autonomy in check, we tend to get absorbed by many competing demands and most often we end up on the path, travelling to places we had no desire to get.

We tend to loose ourselves in relationship with others, confuse our voice with others opinions of us, and give up our own identity just for a blink of appreciation. We get shattered to pieces trying to justify our own truths. We misplace our boundaries by blending with the masses, melting in the stream of noise  in exchange for belonging. We mute our voice in the avoidance of finding our own emotional balance and get defeated by social conditioning of “looking good” and “fitting in”.

Yet, the very Self – Love is an antidote and a powerful remedy to depression, anxiety, toxic relationships even poor career choices and many more socially imposed expectations.

Self – Love grants us a courage to follow what is right for us, helps us battle shame and guilt and liberates us to live by our own creations. To find the courage to come against the angst of our own beliefs about what is possible, how the world works, and/or what we need to become in order to be worthwhile. The more we resist the self- love, the more frustrating and stifling our circumstances become. judging, criticizing, blaming, labeling ourselves — create separation rather than connection. And with a harsh inner critic, we begin violence against ourselves. So please remember, No One is going to come with a magic wand, as you are your own magic wand and in charge of your own miracles.


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