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Take a Chance on You

Sixteen months ago I have chosen myself.
I remember chatting with myself and the precise moment in which I said to myself: “You can do what you always do – withdraw and cave in, disappear and dissolve- or potentially you could do something totally unfamiliar and new.” So I did.
Despite an emotional turmoil and debilitating chaos I said YES yet to another version of ME.
Each step I took, was conscious and deliberate. Each time my body and mind was trying to side track me, I was present and alert to notice it and auto – correct and self- regulate. This consistent choice unexpectedly opened up doors to a new reality with new potentials. Today, having had just arrived from Australia where I led an amazingly open and gentle team and already getting ready to leave for UK in just a few days to take the transformation to the next level,
I keep reminding myself to never underestimate the impact I create. “ Thank you goddess for all you did and do. You are a beautiful inspiring team leader who held us so well. I will never forget that feeling of connection and love 💕” So take a chance on YOU. You have no idea how somebody’s future may look like if you believe in yourself.
So I do Believe in myself


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