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The Tale of Freed Self

“Freeing yourself was one thing, claiming ownership of that freed self was another” #tonimorrison
Six years ago ( this coming October) I dropped the chains of my own slavery – all the thoughts that were holding me back and all the emotions that were taking me to the same old places.
And Oh boy what did I know …. the amount of work it will take to assemble myself again…to drop layer by layer the residues of the past, start emotional detoxes, stop emotional cravings, overcome ingrained needs to retreat back to safety, to choose selective deafness, to make sense of what make sense for me, to test my own truths and to call out on my own bs.
I am nearly done, I fail often, I seem to just get up faster. I seem to grew thicker emotional skin, don’t get offended easily, and choose to look away from what simply does not make me feel good. I recognize all the teachers sent my way and I accept the lessons. I don’t confuse dogmas with my principals. I unsubscribe from a collective identity that asks for submission and bondage. I have a choice and I AM in a good company – loving me and creating all that is.
And I know if you do nothing, You get nothing. If You don’t choose yourself, others won’t either. Self-care and self-love are not self -selfishness. They are part of claiming your freed self.
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