The Art of Celebration

Immersed in activities and tasks that lead us closer to our next personal achievement, we easily forget to celebrate the actual moment of arrival. In a split second, we take for granted everything it has taken to get ourselves to this moment. In the blink of an eye, what seemed unachievable, or at least distant a couple months, weeks, or even days ago – just slips through the urgency of our latest distraction.

How about: Pause and CELEBRATE; carve out space where you can taste life. Dive into, indulge and own the feeling of accomplishment. Swim in the pleasurable sensation of self-realization, play time lapsed video in front of your eyes. Absorb it. Express your gratitude. Be mindful. Seize the moment. Notice, how it differentiates from the thousands of others. It was worth it and the effort has paid off. Otherwise, how do you know you have climbed your personal mountain if you let reaching the peak pass you by like you do pass a stranger on the street?

Spend more time with someone who you know well – YOU. Be greedy…..because when you celebrate, you stop time for a moment. As you slow down so does everything else around you. Don’t mistake success for fulfillment – you can design success. Fulfillment, on the other hand, cannot be manufactured- it can only be subtly crafted and intrinsically felt when you distinguish art from science.

How will you celebrate today and what are you thankful for, as you step in into 2016?


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