“The Year of Forty”

To Whom It May Concern;

To You, who encounter me just briefly at different turns and crossroads of life and to those who accompany me through hoops and loops of my life in various roles, who witness and experience my transformation, who have missed out this whole chapter, who applaud it and those who disapprove it, to those who love me, like me and to those who do not like or get me.

These are the facts you may not know about me:

A couple of years ago, I was 25lbs heavier, 25 times lazier, had 25 new excuses each morning and knew 25 different reasons how not to no get what I truly wanted out of my life. My reality seemed to work against me. As I was betraying myself, I saw the world through the lenses that perfectly justified my own betrayal. On the surface, it all seemed right– how I looked, felt and what I had; an ordinary life with internal struggles and many attempts to make permanent changes in life only to witness them collapse each time.

This may also be a news to you:

I had gone through my personal transformation which has started quietly a few years back and erupted while climbing a Himalayan summit in Nepal. Through a set of amazing events, experiences and travels that happened after, I have found myself. I have discovered freedom of being true to myself and my purpose in life and how I would like to be of service to others.

Since then, I have set myself on the mission to enable people to discover what might stop them in creating the life they meant to live. How our language – created in early stages of our lives – distorts our reality to the point it starts defining us and who we are in life and our relationships with others. How we end up rejecting people and circumstances that do not support our betrayal and surround ourselves with those who do!


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