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Tomorrow is Never

I still catch myself being wasteful with:

* the time granted and safeguarded with me;
* an uncounted breathes and all unreconciled minutes which
* moments when I woke up to overflow of emotions and past frustrations
* making demands to be accepted in places where I simply don’t belong
* going against my own instincts
* frantic runs in too many opposite directions
* things I cannot nor could ever change
* expectations to be fulfilled,
* inaction and self imposed impotence
* overthinking life that happens when I do nothing

So I infuse myself in:
* doing – even or especially when it feels small and/or unimportant
* letting go what does not feel good
* loosing what needs to be lost
* unsubscribing from all ever created waiting lists
* trusting the game I have chosen to play long before now
* dropping the illusion of the past and the future as they both only exit in the now
* trusting the unknown and gracefully accepting all that challenges me, stretches me and tests me is the most natural part of the journey and nothing that comes next cannot possibly unfold without it…..


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