Travelling – Life testing at it best.

Travel provides infinite ways of testing how far we have gotten as individuals in the sea of collective unconsciousness.
When you flown overnight, hoped to check-in your bags for the next overnight flight , go through security to find a corner to sleep and instead you are seating on your bags waiting for gates to open…..what can you do? – culture spotting, people watching- live show that goes on.

It is easy to get reactive to impulses
It is easy to get offended by details
It is easy to get judgmental by sticking to stereotypes.

Each time when we entangle ourselves in circumstantial or someone’s else drama, we immediately are becoming an active part of it. However, if we just become an observer of those snapshots of realities moving in and out in front of us or through us – we stay out of it. We cannot change certain things, behaviors and people but truly we can chose how we will react to them.
When we stop using outworn labels of good or bad, we have a chance to experience intriguing and inspiring moments and to reconnect with ourselves but most importantly with others.

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