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The Value of Values Clarification

“It’s not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are.” ~ Roy Disney

How can you BE YOUR authentic self if you don’t know yourself? How can you have clarity of vision and priorities if you don’t know what motivates you and propels you to action?

Knowing our values allows us to direct our action towards the achievement of what we desire most for our life – what do we want to live by and live for. In this context, the Values are the aspects of life we find the most valuable. They are our principles, beliefs and attitudes that guide our decisions, actions and behaviors. Our core values reflect who we are and what matters most to us and what we stand for. Also what are we willing to struggle for in order to achieve what we want. Our values arise from our conscious or unconscious voids, what we perceive as most missing. Hence what we are missing the most becomes what we see as most important.

When we peruse through life without being  guided by our values, life tends to appear more like a struggle, and out of order. However, when we make resonant choices and take actions that align with our values, we experience greater peace and satisfaction. Our highest values determine our attention, retention and intention – what we notice, remember and intend or act upon. Therefore, we all have “Attention Deficit Disorder” for things we don’t value and “Attention Surplus Order” for things we value the most.


  • Are our internal navigation systems that silently inspire and drive our choices and decisions
  • Are your key drivers—the things in life that motivate you
  • Reflect what you find rewarding and pay attention to or what you dislike and avoid
  • Outline how we process information
  • Shape our perceptions and therefore our reality
  • Influence our responses to life circumstances
  • Help de-clutter our life
  • Bring out the sense of self

Well defined personal core values helps us avoid making decisions that work against who we are and whom we strive to be. Our life becomes one of our choosing, not the one orchestrated by the decisions of others. Our values build and maintain our identity as unique individuals.

The values that are important to you at any moment in time are the reflection of your current needs and the unmet needs from the past. Some of our values rotate along priority spectrum as we move through the different stages of life; other values stay the same. Thrive in knowing who you are. Use this form to clarify your values, Maximize Your Potential & Love Your Life.


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