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Why to choose self – love and self – compassion?

“Kindness is not just about how you treat others; it’s rooted in how you treat yourself.” — Londro Rinzler

Why to chose Self- Love and Self – Compassion?

Challenging your limitations without limiting your challenges is as important as going beyond your own comfort zone to truly experience who you are without the luxury of the status quo and the known aspects of the world you have created. Yet doing so does not equal being unbreakable and harsh on yourself as you try to be special and unique for others to gain their approval and acceptance while losing the sight of yourself.

The inconvenient truth is that nobody will approve of you nor accept you without You doing it for yourself first. There is no amount of appreciation, certainty, security or peace to fill the void unless you find that for yourself within first.

And it would seem as though:

We give ourselves to others freely and without any reservation yet we hold back against ourselves.

We promise to reverence others without respecting ourselves.

We pledge to trust others without honoring ourselves.

We make agreements with others while breaking our own.

We commit to others while disengaging with ourselves.

We promise to love others without loving ourselves.

We get lost in others without finding ourselves first.

And then we end up deeply disappointed and hurting those who come in contact with us, only to make others to feel how we feel towards ourselves.

Only hurt people hurt other people

By not being kind, gentle, and compassionate towards ourselves we hurt ourselves in a premeditative act of cowardice in which we prefer to punish, judge and neglect ourselves rather than to accept our imperfectly perfect selves.

Self-Love, Self -Kindness and Self Compassion ask for honesty and authenticity to see our own reality objectively and to allow ourselves to be fully human – to make mistakes. To train our mind to be more self-tolerant and to overcome our self-judgment mindset.

Self-Love teaches you to unlearn all that we know about attaining happiness and contentment in life. It offers us a space to grow and to expand and to see ourselves through much kinder lens and most importantly ourselves for ourselves. And to sit in the discomfort that self-discovery brings and to own it – all parts of us.

Self–Love helps us to upgrade our standards from self-pity to self-respect and integrity. To change our focus from self-criticism and perfectionism that keeps us only stuck to progress that get us moving and helps us to notice what can be improved.

Self-Love helps us build confidence that only self-compassion can grant – based on appreciation of who we are instead of fear that arms us with masks to hide from others.

Self-Love creates space to be open and to be moved by our own experiences and feelings in a nonviolent way – and to see our wins and defeats in a nonjudgmental and non-comparing-ourselves-to-others way, protecting us from “not being good enough” syndrome.

Self-Love gives freedom to appreciate ourselves that is independent from our achievements – we feel content regardless if things go right or wrong.

Accepting ourselves completely is like seeing the problems and coming to terms with them – which in return – builds a solid foundation for long-term relationships. Once you know and see what you hid in the basement, you don’t have to pretend that it does not exist. And self- kindness, self-love and Self-Compassion makes you practice tolerance, empathy and gentleness which starts with you so you can extend that to the others.

Why to chose self-love and self -compassion? To dearly Love Yourself Inward!


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