Why would you need a Coach?

It is human nature to dismiss or ignore anyone who tries to offer us a suggestion on what to do or how to do it. So, why would you need a coach, If you know everything?

So Let’s look at two potential situations.
In the first one – we go to school, we learn, we graduate, get a job, we buy a house, get a family and we enter the Race Without A Finish Line. We check all the boxes, know what we know and we don’t know what we don’t know. We keep surviving in life, not being really curious to see if there is anything else outside of our box. This is how most of us go about life.

In the Second situation – we are students of Life, we are seekers who are never really done, and we ask continuously “what else is there?” question, knowing that life is a journey with many possible directions and we are on the path to always learning, evolving and polishing off what we are capable of. We know what we know and we are aware that there is so much out there we don’t know. This is less common.

Why am I telling you this?

Because having expertise implies finality. Having all figured it out, suggests that there is nothing more to be explored. It proposes that we don’t need anyone to tell us what to do and how to do it. Yet, Experience, ego, and power seem to overshadow our perception of reality. It eludes us and intoxicates our vision of life and makes us believe that we have reached the top. 

The coach guides you through a process where you find your own answers through:

  • the power of being asked the right questions,
  • listening to the unspoken,
  • seeing a different perspective of the same situation by expanding your self- awareness,
  • overcoming your own emotional barriers and,
  • embracing difficult challenges to arrive at your own reflections and conclusions.

Coaching helps to create life/work balance, build confidence and trust, improve skills, clarify values and goals.

Coaching is not about fixing anything and it is about expanding and growing and maximizing your potential. Because in the end It is not about how good you are right now and it is about how good you can become. And of course, I cannot promise you how your desired outcome will look like. I want to be transparent with you: while what coaches and coaching offer will absolutely help you – I cannot – and I am not even going to try -guarantee the results. And whoever says they can – don’t subscribe to that.


Because it all demands work, it demands time, it requires focus and dedication with a lot of consistency on your part. However, if you give yourself a chance to see what exists outside of your current box, you will have that much higher chance of success in achieving what you desire in life than if you did not. Because you are the master of your success and only you can make the desired outcome your reality. So, why would you need a coach? Because having someone next to you may get you there faster!

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